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How to Humanize Your Brand

In business, expanding your clientele and brand is essential. Although, Trust must be earned before anything else. We need to connect with our clients on a level deeper than just business. If customers think of your company as a money-making enterprise, they might not support it as much. We need to humanize our brands and showcase our individual creative flair via our enterprise. This is what will draw more people to join your community and serve as your audience.

Why wouldn't you want to connect and have fun with your audience?


  1. Be yourself

  2. Don't just sell, Inform

  3. Visual Content Goes a Long Way

  4. Be consistent

1. Be yourself

Being oneself appears to be an easy remedy. Although, some need time and self-assurance to display their best characteristics. Social networking can be helpful in this situation. In other words, we must demonstrate consistency and sincerity rather than creating phony postings and personas. This is straightforward if you've previously established your brand's personality. If your team has the same sense of humor and eccentricity as you do. Show your audience that. For example, making a humorous video demonstrating your sincerity can be all it takes.

Have fun with your brand!!

2. Don't just sell, Inform

Consider all the occasions when you were persuaded to purchase a product, whether you caught the advertisement on television, Instagram, or even Tik-Tok. Consider the various considerations that led to you purchasing that item either by placing an Amazon order or traveling far to the store. Why did you decide to buy it without first trying it? Was it flashy TV advertising or an honest testimonial from a previous client? Perhaps your friend even informed you of it. Most likely, your friend didn't prepare a 30-minute sales to talk outlining why you ought to purchase the item. They most likely explained why they liked it and didn't.

We must undergo the same cognitive process every time we choose a business strategy for our brands. We cannot view our audience as a source of revenue. They need to be given genuine qualities and personalities. Our responsibility is to inform customers of our brand and products, not just sell them.

3. Visual Content Goes a Long Way

Creating digital content can be difficult if you have never tried it before. Although, today, you can find many user-friendly websites and paid programs that go a long way toward your audience engagement. Here are some free websites and apps you can try out:

For images: Canva, Adobe express, BeFunky Graphic designer, and Fotor.

For video: Animaker, Lumen5, RawShorts, and Soapbox.

There are also many GIF and Meme creation tools if your brand and audience is humorous:

For Memes: iMeme, Kapwing, Make a Meme, Meme Buddy, Meme Generator.

For GIFs: Ezgif, GIFMaker, Giphy, Imgflip, and more.

Here is a link to all the content creation websites you could ever need:

How you use visual content for your brand is all up to you. Ultimately, it says a lot about your brand, so choose wisely. Like this meme:

4. Be consistent

Although it is the most crucial of all the steps, this one is a given in humanizing your brand. Be consistent!!

When I follow a brand or an influencer, it frustrates me when they are inconsistent. For instance, when I subscribe to a YouTube user I enjoy watching, I anticipate them to produce high-quality content constantly. Especially if they note the publishing time, it is frustrating for viewers to worry when their YouTuber will return continually.

The same holds for us content producers. If we keep them in the dark most of the time, we risk losing their business. They won't likely view our stuff when we abruptly post because they weren't anticipating it. People prefer to be informed in advance. Make it a point to share your social media postings with your audience and stick to that timetable. Invest in a website or add-on where you can schedule your postings, like Meta Business for Instagram or Facebook.

While these steps can push you to the next level in your brand humanization and audience community, they can be overwhelming to do all at once. So take it slow and try out one or two at a time.

And don't forget to have fun and show your authenticity!!

You finished the Blog!! Thanks for reading!!


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