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How to Get Started: Email Marketing

We know how hard it can be figuring out advanced technologies in today's world. Everything is becoming digital and for most, complicated. Email marketing may be difficult to understand at first but the customer engagement pays off in the end. Digital emails are one of the most fast, affordable and effective ways to spice up your business.

If you’ve had trouble getting started in email marketing as a small business this blog is for you.



  1. Benefits of Email Marketing

  2. Email Marketing Strategies

  3. Free Programs and Websites for Email Marketing

  4. Resources

“Research indicates that it is five times more affordable to keep an existing customer than to get new ones. Only 44% of respondents said social media was the most effective strategy for customer retention, compared to over 80% of SMBs who said email marketing was the best approach.”

-Sean Peek

  1. Benefits of Email Marketing

First, before we dive into our best email strategies, let’s talk about some of the benefits that email marketing could do for your company or business.

Here are some small benefits that could change the game for your business:

  1. Convert customers to a loyalty program

  2. Target a specific audience

  3. Medium for promoting new services or products

  4. Affordable and easy way to keep customer engagement consistent

These are only half of the benefits of email marketing.


2. Email Marketing Strategies

  1. Personify your emails

Sending cute birthday free gifts or email acknowledgments can be special to a customer. This custom email that relates to your customer can help them connect with your brand and help draw in more customers.

“Personalized promotional mailings offer 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates than non-personalized mailings, according to Invesp. The advantages are significantly greater. According to an Epson study, 80% of consumers are more inclined to make a purchase from a company that offers a tailored experience.” -Hristina Spasovska

Keeping emails short/sweet but customizable can increase the open rate and customer increase.

2. Picking the best time for your audience

If you’ve ever used social media or been online before you might notice that you only actively scroll or open emails at a certain time of day. This applies to your customers also. For example, if most of your customers have 9-5 jobs they most likely won’t be checking their social media or emails. Most people, according to statistics, go on their phones or computers the most at night. This also pertains to when and where your clients are opening emails.

This graph can give you a general idea of when to send out emails according to your audience.

3. Try out different data segments

By data segments we mean client quizzes and surveys. These can go a long way in getting valuable information on your clients to better tailor their experience with your brand. For example if you have many clients that live in different countries than your own. It would be better for the customer's experience to tailor your emails to their familiarity and time zones.

4. Use an embedded sign-up form instead of a menu link

Allowing visitors on your website to sign-up for regular emails is better business than spamming people when they click on your link. This is another example of personalizing your customers' experience so they prefer your business over anyone else’s.


3. Free Programs and Websites for Email Marketing

If trying out email marketing strategies on your own stresses you out, we understand.

You can try out these free softwares and programs that do all the email marketing for you:


You can create an account, schedule your business emails and let the program do the work for you.


Also don't stress it!

Email marketing may seem difficult at first but after practicing your brand email preference and seeing the customers happy, email marketing will become second nature.

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Thanks For Reading!


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