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Our History

Our Founder & Owner Megan Daniielle opened a small brick & mortar accessory store in 2011. She just couldn't understand why her business wasn't doing well. After deciding to shut down ONLY AFTER 3 short months she began. She didn't understand how to operate a business properly, and she also hadn't marketed herself

(which IS one of the oversights business owners make).


After a short period of sulking, she pursued a degree in business which is where she was introduced to marketing which seemed to mesh well with her creativity. Marketing seemed to speak to her soul and not only would she be able to operate as a business owner in the future, but she would also have the tools to make sure that no one had the same experience she did. 

In 2014, during her internship, while earning her Bachelor's in Business Administration, she learned hands-on how to use social media to promote the school's radio station. It gave her the confidence to start Make It Public, LLC (MIP) and approach family and friends who had businesses to help her gain more experience. 

In December 2019 she left her job as a customer service agent to focus primarily on MIP and vowed never to work for anyone else again. In 2021 Megan Daniielle continued her journey as an entrepreneur. She graduated from entrepreneur to an actual small business owner with more than 10 retained clients. 


Why We Exist

Make It Public, LLC exists to help the person who dreams of being a self-sufficient business owner. Helping the person by letting them know through hard work and dedication it is possible to accomplish those dreams.  We will be right there for the ride, working alongside and cheering you on!


We offer so many more services besides websites and social media marketing, so if you are ever in need of a service you don't see shoot us an email and ask us for help!


We are here to see you succeed!

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I highly recommend Make it Public. They are awesome people. Megan went above and beyond to help me with my website and I absolutely love it. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future.

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Make it Public has really made my whole day, week, and month by showing great professionalism and organization but also creativity and knowledge based on experience! Megan had excellent communication with me at all times through messenger, email or text and was very clear about the process from the beginning. I utilized her services for website creation for my child care based business and I will be recommending her in the future!

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I needed a flyer quick, fast, and in a hurry!! Megan responded swiftly, professionally, and executed my vision flawlessly . Thankful for Megan’s services.


You cannot buy engagement. You have to build engagment. 



Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Founder and CEO of SoulTour, the School of Spiritual Strategy.

Megan Daniielle
CEO/Owner of Make It Public


We have the MOST professional and  CREATIVE staff to assist you!

Ja Mont Harris
Business Manager
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Amilyn Awitin
Project Manager
La Netta Gaines
Content Writer (Wordsmith)
Madylin Moore
Social Media Specialist
Priscilla Walker
Website Designer
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Tommy Bantilan
Graphic Designer
Angie Bryant
Videographer & Graphic Designer
Maria J. Mitchell
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Rene Fowlkes Slaughter
Beauty Specialist (MUA)
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